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Upon arrival usually between 8 am and 9 am. S&K Construction And Remodeling LLC will need to rent the driveway for the day to accommodate and finish your project in a timely manner. Most houses take 1 day to finish. S&K Construction will have a project coordinator walk you around before and after to examine the property conditions of various decks, gutters, siding, concrete, landscaping, and any potential damage done prior to the job is started.  

At the start of the job, we will lay plywood over areas that need to be protected. Windows, air condition units windows and in some cases across the house when needed to protect the siding. Varies upon different households and locations. As well as a final clean out of the gutters and a magnet ran across the property to ensure the nails are properly cleaned. Most cases the dumpster is picked up within a day after the roof has been completed. If you have a satellite when taking the roof off the satellite will be temporarily down and you will need to call the satellite company to re-calibrate your satellite after the roof is finished. If you live close to your neighbor house it would be appreciated to alert them in regards to your new roof as some debris might fall in their driveway.